Evangelos Tzolos – 1 year Fellowship – California

Start date: 1st July 2019

End date: 1st July 2020

Location: Los Angeles, California

Travel reports

I would like to express my gratitude to the Scottish Cardiac Society and the Emily Taylor travel fund. Their support has helped me travel to Los Angeles, California in July 2019, to undertake prestigious 1-year fellowship under the supervision of Professor Dan Berman in the S.Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Centre, Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, Los Angeles, California.

This fellowship provided a unique and exciting opportunity to work with leading academic cardiologists and imaging specialists in a centre with unparalleled provision of state of-the-art imaging technology and expertise. It equipped me with a range of novel clinical and research skills not currently available in the UK, which I will be able to apply back to Edinburgh on my return in 2020 as a Clinical Research Fellow.

In particular, my research focused on a program of studies using a hybrid PET/CT and PET/MR imaging systems to image the coronary arteries and aortic valve. This enabled me to help develop and explore such novel imaging techniques to gain a greater understanding of the pathological processes within the coronary vessels and aortic valve which lead to heart attacks and aortic stenosis respectively. This program of work built upon our existing experience in Edinburgh of using the positron-emitting tracer 18F- sodium fluoride in hybrid PET/CT systems to identify progressive calcification within the aortic valve, and identify vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques within the coronary arteries. As part of an ongoing collaboration with leading cardiologists and imaging specialists at Cedars Sinai Medical Centre, I helped to develop imaging techniques to optimize PET/MR and PET/CT-based imaging of the coronary arteries and aortic valve using 18-F sodium fluoride.

The imaging fellowship also provided me with excellent clinical experience. I had the opportunity to train under the supervision of Professor Dan Berman, and gain experience in reporting cardiovascular magnetic resonance, computed tomography and nuclear imaging techniques, all of which are immediately transferable to my future clinical work back in Edinburgh.

In summary, my time at Cedars Sinai helped me expand my research and clinical expertise in cutting edge cardiovascular imaging. I gained experience in PET/CT and PET/MRI and forged collaborative links with one of the world’s leading centres in cardiovascular research.

I am very grateful for Emily Taylor travel fund, which made this fellowship financially feasible and therefore allowed me to undertake this fantastic opportunity.

Christopher Gingles – European Society of Hypertension

Start date: 21st June 2019

End date: 24th June 2019

Location: Milan, Italy

Travel reports

I am very grateful to the Scottish Cardiac Society for supporting my travel via an Emily Taylor grant to attend and present my research at the European Society of Hypertension Annual Scientific meeting in Milan 2019. I gave an oral presentation and discussed the results of our clinical trial that investigated the use of allopurinol versus placebo to subjects with hypertensive heart disease. This was a unique opportunity at an international meeting to both further the knowledge in hypertension and promote Scottish research to a global audience. I laud the SCS for supporting trainees to attend meeting and courses, which we may otherwise not be able to go to.

Agha Imran – EuroPCR 2019

Start date: 21st May 2019

End date: 24th May 2019

Location: Paris, France

Travel reports

I am profoundly grateful to SCS for supporting my travel to
EuroPCR 2019, which enabled me to present two very interesting
cases at the conference.
EuroPCR is the official annual meeting of the European
Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI)
and the world-leading Course in Interventional Cardiovascular
EuroPCR was celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and it was
attended by more than 11000 active participants and around 4700
online learners.
I was able to present my a couple of cases during the conference.
This could not have been possible without the support from SCS.
I was able to share my experience with colleagues from all across
the world and the live sessions during the conference were a great
resource to observe international practice in interventional
cardiology and interact with the panel of interventionists and
The Emily Taylor grant helped me to attend the conference, share
knowledge and experience with professionals from around the
world and learn new skills in interventional cardiology. I am hopeful
that my knowledge and skills will be used for improvement of many
lives of patients with cardiac problems in general and ischemic
heart disease in particular.

Yousif Abusalma – EuroPCR 2019

Start date: 20th May 2019

End date: 25th May 2019

Location: Paris, France

Travel reports

As Interventional sub-specialist trainee, I am wholeheartedly pleased to share my thankful and great gratitude for the Scottish Cardiac Society via Emily Taylor travel fund. Which had made my oral presentation for an interesting unique interventional case from North of Scotland to be possible to be shared at international level in the most prestigious European intervention conference across Europe EuroPCR in Paris 05/2019 particularly this year which was quite buzzy year since it was celebrating it is 30th Anniversary. I have to say our case has been well received in the session which was combined with the Portuguese Cardiac society. Following the meeting and in this regard, I have received special warm thanks in form of a certificate of appreciation from the president of the Scottish Cardiac Society  Prof.H. Eteiba to congratulate me on my excellent presentation and contribution to the Scottish cardiac society program since my case has been selected among only 2 cases from whole Scotland via the Scottish Cardiac Society to be presented at Euro PCR this year which of course this was of great value endeavouring my career as Interventional Fellow. 

Beside my oral presentation, Indeed with no doubt it was fantastic platform for me to learn a lot from leading experts in their fields new technologies, trials and techniques having attended blends of Interesting complex intervention sessions which of course enriched my knowledge greatly leading to reflect this across the department and my colleagues fellows. In addition to all above I had the chance to attend the European Fellow Interventional course which was exceptionally good in providing comprehensive overall refreshment about the whole areas of Intervention. Moreover, I have the chance to meet with my Co-Fellows from other centers through the hands on sessions.

Lastly,I am extremely grateful to have been granted the fund. It has enabled attendance at highly educational meetings which would have been otherwise impossible.

Sabrina Nordin – EuroCMR 2019

Start date: 2nd May 2019

End date: 4th May 2019

Location: Venice, Italy

Travel reports

I am extremely grateful to the Scottish Cardiac Society for supporting my travel to EuroCMR 2019 in Venice. As a final year trainee in cardiac imaging and having just completed my CMR research at Barts Heart Centre London, I am keen to continue to develop further my clinical and research interest and keep up-to-date on the latest development in CMR by attending the conference.  I found the sessions including the clinical cases sessions extremely educational and useful for my clinical practice.

I also had the opportunity to present a case series from Glasgow on the clinical utility of multiparametric CMR in the assessment of cardiac involvement in Becker muscular dystrophy where a combination of CMR and cardiac biomarkers could potentially be used for monitoring and guiding therapy particularly in patients with normal left ventricular ejection fraction. 

This conference has also provided me the platform to network with peers and colleagues from across the world. I am very grateful for the support from the Emily Taylor Travel Fund in enabling me to attend this valuable meeting.

Evangelos Tzolos – BJCA: Cardiology to the core

Start date: 13th April 2019

End date: 14th April 2019

Location: Hinckley, UK

Travel reports

I would like to express my gratitude to the SCS and acknowledge the support of the Emily Taylor Travel Grant which facilitated my attendance at the British Junior Cardiology Association Spring meeting in Birmingham, 2019. The meeting programme was extremely educational, and this has been invaluable to help me in my preparation for the European Exam in in General Cardiology (former KBA). Without the support of the Emily Taylor Grant I would not have been able to attend this meeting, and I am very grateful for the ongoing support of the Scottish Cardiac Society. 

Agha Imran – Cardiac CT Course

Start date: 1st April 2019

End date: 5th April 2019

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Travel reports

I write to acknowledge the support of the Emily Taylor Travel Grant, which facilitated my attendance at the Edinburgh Cardiac CT course, held in Edinburgh. I was supported for the travel costs for the course.

This was a 5 days long course and covered from the basics of cardiac CT to interpretation of complex disease. One hundred and fifty cases were shown during this course and the attendees reported these cases in groups of two during the course.

Consultant cardiologists, senior cardiology registrars and radiology trainees from UK and abroad, attended the course.

The course qualifies the trainees at level-2 accreditation with British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging.

The course gave me opportunity to learn a new skill to a level where I can independently report cardiac CTs. It also gave me the opportunity to meet cardiologists and radiology trainees interested in the field from all across the world.

I am profoundly grateful to the Scottish Cardiac Society for the kind support I received.

Santosh Raga – European Heart Rhythm Association Congress 2019

Start date: 17th March 2019

End date: 19th March 2019

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Travel reports

I write to acknowledge the support of the Emily Taylor Travel Grant to facilitate me to travel to Lisbon to attend EHRA Congress. As a Cardiac Electrophysiology and Device trainee it was extremely important for me to attend this congress.  I had the opportunity to attend important scientific sessions which helped me to further shape my career in Electrophysiology and Devices. I have attended several hands-on sessions particularly in arrhythmia mapping and ablations. There were few sessions mainly for trainees which I found extremely useful. This congress also gave me an opportunity to interact with experts and fellow trainees from around the world. On return I shared the latest evidences in the field from the congress with fellow trainees and my supervisors.

I am extremely grateful to the Scottish Cardiac Society for the kind support I received.

Jagdeep Singh – Post Graduate Course in Heart Failure (PCHF)

Start date: 1st January 2019

End date: 30th June 2020

Travel reports

I am very grateful to the Scottish Cardiac Society for partially funding my travel and accommodation costs via the Emily Taylor Grant to attend the prestigious Post Graduate Course in Heart Failure (PCHF). This is a unique 2-year long course organised by the Zurich Heart House and The Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital Trust focused on the comprehensive management of patients with heart failure.

There was a competitive selection process to be one of the 60 participants from 32 different countries from around the world. The course comprised of six modules, each lasting four days, over the 2 year period and it covered the entire length and breadth of managing heart failure. Each module was dedicated to one aspect of heart failure and the faculty included leading figures in the field from the UK, US and Europe, who were all authors of seminal papers. There were many breakout sessions where these thought-leaders would share some of their unique perspectives and bleeding-edge research with the participants.

One module included hands on time at the Royal Brompton’s imaging unit for experience with echocardiography, nuclear imaging, CT and CMR. We also visited the Harefield hospital for further exposure to advanced echocardiography techniques. While another module was conducted in Brussels to allow hands-on training for complex device implantation.

To be eligible for certification each participant had to attend at least 5 modules, present a case report (which was assessed by the faculty) and pass at least five of the six MCQ examinations at the end of each module.

There is no doubt that attending this course has made me a much more holistic and confident heart failure doctor. I highly recommend it to all trainees / consultants (the majority of participants were consultants) with an interest in caring for patients with heart failure.

Andrew Chapman – American Heart Association Scientific Congress

Start date: 9th November 2018

End date: 11th November 2018

Location: Chicago

Travel reports

I write to acknowledge the support of the Emily Taylor Travel Grant which facilitated my attendance at the American Heart Association Conference in Chicago, 2018. We were invited to present our publication into the use of clinical risk scores in patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome at the annual Circulation highlights session. This was a unique opportunity to meet and present to the editors of Circulation, and to have discussion with leading experts in the field. During the AHA meeting, I was also present at a roundtable discussion with experts who lead the task force for the Fourth Universal Definition of Myocardial Infarction. In the coming months we will publish an updated consensus review hoping to aid clinicians in the diagnosis of myocardial injury and infarction. Without the support of the Emily Taylor Grant I would not have been able to attend either meeting, and I am very grateful for the ongoing support of the Scottish Cardiac Society. 

Dr Andrew Chapman 

Specialist Registrar in Cardiology