RCPE Cardiology Symposium

Date: 31st October 2019

Location: Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


Cardiac symptoms including breathlessness, chest pain, syncope and palpitation are amongst the commonest presentations seen in clinical practice. Despite the advances in investigations to detect the absence or presence of cardiac disease, understanding the relationship between symptoms and cause remains a challenge.

Cardiology has evolved at a remarkable and exciting pace over the last three decades, but for jobbing Physicians as well as Cardiologists the accurate diagnosis of symptoms that require further investigation with a view for potentially lifelong as well as expensive treatments is central to successful management.

In this symposium we discuss the common presentations, areas where the evidence and practice may differ, difficult clinical scenarios as well as communicating and learning from patients. Our keynote speaker will talk about speaking to patients, our clinicians will speak about diagnosis and our academics will speak about evidence.

The symposium is aimed at students, doctors in training, GPs, general physicians and cardiologists. We hope that the audience will find all sessions of interest and thought-provoking, and that the programme will stimulate discussion even beyond the day of the symposium.